Tuesday, 15 December 2020

What next

 I want to make some felt tree decorations, I have felt, embroidery thread and a box of beads from broken jewellery.

Unfortunately I cannot see to thread the needles, a couple of months ago I could still see to do this. But now even with my daylight bulb and magnifier I couldn't manage it.

The decorations are now on hold until the needle threaded I have ordered arrives. 

So it's back to crochet shawls, I've photographed all my yarn, I just need to choose the colour scheme.

There is a distinct lack of some colours so I treated myself to some more yarn!

I may use the oddments  below, along with a ball of Parchment which is a very pale beigey grey.


JanF said...

You have such beautiful colors there! So much yarn too. I am amazed that you have room to store it. Hats off, once again, to your organizational skills!

Carruthers said...

I know what you mean about eyesight and needle-threading. I've a magnifier on a headband with a lamp I've used for soldering electronics. I tend to get that out if I have to do a job like that!

mamasmercantile said...

Such a wonderful array of beautiful colours.

Heather said...

My Grandaughter made some cute pom pom sprouts on a string. Lovely choice of colours of wool.

Ellen D. said...

Yes, those needle holes can be so tiny! But then if you try a larger needle it doesn't fit through the hole of the beads! Argghh! Hope your needle threader helps - I have never had one of those. Good luck!
You have a nice rainbow of colors there for your yarn.

Frugal in Essex said...

Some lovely yarn there Hester. I particularly love the green.

walking in beauty carmarthenshire said...

Hi Hester, for bead treading ,you can use a piece of fuse wire ,or other thin wire. You can fold the wire in half with the thread between it, to act as a needle.
I have a selection of 'poundland' glasses to help me.


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