Saturday, 1 May 2021

Tilting and listing

We are listing because our black water tank is nearly full, the tank is on the left hand side of the boat, because we are listing we have drifted on to a ledge.

We are tilting because our water tank is low. We carry 1000 litres of water on the boat, the tank is at the front so the low water level means the front of the boat is much higher than normal. We don't want the tank too full at present as the engineer is coming to look at our bow thruster on Wednesday and the bow thruster is near the water tank.

It's a bit like the Crazy House at a fair, walking can be a challenge!


Chris said...

I bet it keeps you on your toes, though, Hester!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Sounds as though you are discombobulated too.

Debby said...

Are you sure you haven't had a nip or two? ;)

Moved again

We had no wifi at our last mooring spot so I couldn't post. It was a lovely spot and we were near people we know so Beano had a catch-up...