Saturday 17 February 2024

Is this democracy?

Our complex is made up of an 18th century  manor house with modern flats built on to it.

There is a wall along one side of the grounds that is the same age as the manor house.

Along part of this wall there is a hedge, one of the residents asked the gardeners to remove part of the hedge.

This was done but not correctly as the trunk was left and is now sprouting.

When the gardeners spent time on the hedge it meant the leaves weren't cleared from the paths and some of the paths are steep and were very slippery.

Some of the residents have requested that the rest of the hedge is removed. I think this would be a shame as birds nest in the hedge. But as I can't see the hedge from my flat I'm not that bothered. There are lots of other hedges and trees around.

This was put to the vote and out of 20 plus flats, only 9 replied. These all wanted the hedge removed so the residents were advised that the hedge would be removed.

Not long after the residents were advised of this result a letter was sent to all the residents explaining that the decision had been recinded.  Two residents had ignored to poll and written directly to head office. These two residents do not wish the hedge removed. Therefore it will not be removed.

I don't understand this version of democracy whereby two people contacting head office can overrule the wishes of the 9 people who voted.


Rambler said...

I don't understand why the hedge needs to be removed when there are gardeners to take care of it. Surely it's better to see something living and providing shelter for birds and insects? I mourn the loss of a hedge that my neighbour removed with the result that so few birds are now seen or heard in my garden.

flis said...

They may have threatened to report them to someone- eg newspaper or Alan Tichmarsh x

Donna said...

Follow the money...someone probably made a promise to someone on the council.
Democracy seems to be a thing of the in the States, as well.

Meanqueen said...

Seems a shame to remove a hedge when it is coming up to nesting time. Your situation illustrates to me that you have had to go through big changes in your life. From living an independent life on a boat, coming and going as you like, you now find yourself as part of a community. This entails that you may be required to go along with the wishes of others, which sometimes you may not agree with. As a leader and not a follower, I would find this quite difficult to deal with. Keep on speaking out.

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