Tuesday 20 February 2024

Part four.

Hopefully this will be the last post about Beano's illness.

He started with diarrhoea on Thursday/Friday, I was out on Friday so Steve treated Beano the same way he does himself. If he has an upset stomach, he eats non-stop. He is convinced He will die of starvation unless he rams food down his throat constantly to counteract the amount of time he's spending on the toilet.

Beano, being greedy ate willingly, Saturday I was home and restricted Beano to chicken and rice. He still had diarrhoea and Sunday he started throwing up a lot. I phoned Jennie and she took Beano and I to the emergency vet. 

It seems to have been a bug that does the rounds, Beano has been signed off by the vet and is now asleep on the sofa as usual.

I'm knackered, Steve waited for me to get back from the vets so he could moan about Jennie and shout at me. He had now gone into town and is going out every day this week. This is to stop me going out with Betty!


Elaine said...

Sounds like Beano will be better company anyway! Good news that he is on the mend.

Anonymous said...

It could be a bug that's going round or what Steve has been feeding to poor Beano and now you're left with a big vets bill to pay. Enjoy the time Steve is out and perhaps invite Betty round to spend time with you at yours.

Haven't got one. said...

I'm so glad Beano is back home and on the mend. It's so worrying when our pets are ill, poor little darling. I hope he's soon back to normal and enjoying his walks.

Karla said...

So glad Beano is better, poor guy. Sensitive stomachs in the smaller dogs. I wonder, would Steve take meds to make him less agitated? A friend has her Mom, who had a stroke, on Seroquel. Her Mom had become aggressive, paranoid and agitated after her stroke, and this medication did the trick. Her Mom feels better on this med, and therefore acts more calm. My brother in law had a stroke, and it happened on the side of his brain that controls personality and such. He was aggressive and difficult before the stroke, and now is even worse. He seems, though, to be able to control it in front of the rehab staff, but when family is around, he's his regular complaining angry argumentative self. I've suggested the same meds for him.

Ellen D. said...

Glad Beano is on the mend. You should meet up with Betty anyway.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Beano is on the mend, like someone else said invite Betty round to yours for a bite to eat and a natter instead and give Steve the flipping vet bill.
I can highly recommend Dorwest tree barks powder to sprinkle over the chicken & rice, it really is great for upset tums and might help Beano recover more quickly & save you an expensive vet visit in future, although obviously in severe cases you must take him to the vet of course.
I would be tempted to put Steve's stuff out the door and change the locks next time he goes out, but I'm fierce about my dog and you're way kinder than me. Take care ,love carrie x

Dc said...

We use tree bark powder when Ruby is ill with the runs, works a treat. Two of our grand dogs had that illness, they were very ill with it, glad he is on the mend.

Lola's Mum said...

Slippery elm powder is very good sprinkled on food for tummy upsets humans or animals Can buy on ebay

flis said...

My lily had diarrhea 3 weeks ago-The Vet gave us Logic charcoal firm x

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for you and Beano.
I wish I could help you.
It's a miserable life living with such
a hateful, selfish man.
It's ok for him to go out do whatever he wants to do.
To go to the pub,shopping or off with his friends but not you.
Your not allowed to have a bowl of soup with a friend.
Tell him to stop feeding the garbage he eats to that poor dog.
Perhaps there's a vet who will watch Beano for the day when you go out.
Please don't let him destroy the small joys you have.
Stand up for yourself honey.

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