Friday 16 February 2024

We've turned the heating off

The heating is going on and off like a tarts knickers as the weather is so changeable here.

Steve is currently complaining because I don't know when Easter is, I googled it but he doesn't like my reply.

I went for lunch with Betty today, it's so good to get out of the flat for a few hours.

A resident stopped me today to tell me I shouldn't keep going for lunch with Betty as she may decide to stop taking me out at some point.

Of course Betty may stop taking me out, it's her choice, I can hardly insist. But why the resident feels I need to stop going out, I have no idea.


Ana Dunk said...


Col said...

I'm aware that many people living in complexes such as yours get over interested in the lives of their neighbours, but to actually voice their opinion is unbelievably rude!
I wonder who died and made her Queen of the May?

shyleigh said...

Aren't people so much fun?!?! Who knows why she said that ...... and do you really care? Wish I were there and I would take you out!!

Lynda said...

Exactly..jealousy. I think Betty enjoys your company and you have a nice time out with her! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

This person could be jealous.
Steve could have said something to them.
Some people are just ass hats.
They are unhappy and they just don't want others happy.
Be sure to offer to put gas in Betty's car.
Pay for her lunch. Make her feel appreciated.
She probably has an idea how hard your life has been.
I would take you out if I lived near you too!

Jaccs said...

Amazing, there seems to be more bitchery in ones twilight years than an adolescent girl, ignore and feel pity for them, their life must me missing loads!!

Catriona said...

Jealousy, put up to it by Steve are the two that spring to mind immediately. Betty likes your company and as long as you both enjoy the outings, I hope they continue for many weeks to come. Catriona

Nelliegrace said...

I am sure you had a suitable reply, but you have better manners.

.flis said...

That person is unhappy and doesn't want so see you both going out together - Its so childish - I had a mil like it -jealous of anyone even her grand children and greats - One day she phoned here ( in her 70s ) shouting that her daughter's MIL who I liked had bought herself a pair of red high heeled shoes - she was So jealous x

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