Saturday 3 February 2024

Turn off.

We've turned off our storage heater in the living room. It would be nice to have it on first thing in the morning but by 10 o'clock the room is too hot. We don't use the storage heater in the bedroom either as neither of us likes a hot bedroom.

I expect we could buy more modern heaters but for now we will manage.

The cooker here is old and basic but it does what I need, it has no bells or whistles and no timer or clock. We keep the microwave and air fryer all turned off at the wall sockets, we turn them on as we need them. If it was up to me I'd get rid of both. I managed for years on the boat without a microwave and since Steve uses the air fryer every day the flat constantly smells of fried food.

We have cheaper electricity overnight, we use it to heat the water tank and the tank is big enough to last us all day.  I run the dehumidifier overnight if I have washing to dry. We are not allowed to put up a washing line and the nearest laundrette is some distance away and not on a bus route.


Ruta M. said...

I'd be tempted to sabotage the air fryer or at least insist that you have an extractor fitted. I'm not keen on fried food myself, neither the taste, nor the smell nor the mess. It's odd that you aren't allowed to dry your washing outside, what do all the other residents do?

jane in au said...

I hear you one thing i cant stand is strong cooking smells even my own i just had a fried egg and some bacon which is rare for me to have i took the one pan hot plate outside to my bbq area used it outside will do the same this week with my glass oven to cook my roast chicken its no big deal for me to do that,its that hot today its 10am and the aircond is on already i dont want smells going through that either,i know what it would be like if it was evening cooking that inside!

Siebrie said...

We have an airfryer, too, and have started using it just outside the kitchen door. It really helps with the smell, especially when husband is frying fish!

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