Saturday 28 November 2020

Oh my poor back

 Today Beano and I met up with DD2 and her dog Loulou for a socially distanced dog walk. Both dogs had a lovely time, chasing each other around and rootling in the undergrowth. Loulou is a good little hunter and was looking for rabbits. Beano was just enjoying her company.

Unfortunately we lost Loulou for a while and by the time we'd tracked her down and persuaded her to leave the rabbit hole we'd been out for an hour longer than intended. My back has put in an official complaint!

My kindle is still throwing the occasional hissy fit, the light level keeps changing and I cannot send or receive emails.

I need to get out my laptop, charge it up and get emails that way. Why is nothing ever simple?


justjill said...

Sorry - thats my mantra too. x

Chris said...

Sometimes I wish I couldn't access my e-mail - I get so much junk!

Debby said...

It was simple, until we threw computers in the mix! As much as technology frustrates me, I have to say that I am grateful for it in these strange days. It enables me to 'travel' to countries that would doubtless not allow me entry. Americans are the modern day version of lepers, I think.

crafty cat corner said...

Tom has a fairly new kindle but its rubbish, he's always having trouble with it. 3 years ago my son bought me an ipad and I have never had any problems. Keep hoping it will keep going for a bit longer as I'm not likely to be able to afford another and will end up with a kindle.

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