Tuesday 27 February 2024

Cover manager.

I've finally received a reply from the cover manager about the lighting problem.

I've obviously rattled her cage, her reply is quite stroppy.

She assures me that she responded in a timely manner and my complaint about the lights not working from Wednesday was unwarranted.

It seems that as I'm old and obviously senile I didn't realise that Wednesday counts as the weekend! She also claims that she wasn't informed that the lights weren't working in the corridors. This despite her receiving three emails from different residents all of which explained that the lights weren't working in the corridors, and also explained that the lack of natural light in these corridors made them challenging to walk through.

I've probably made an enemy but I'm not particularly bothered.


Col said...

I firmly believe in making enemies of petty minded managers!
Her job is to manage the buildings and grounds, not the residents,
I'm always rather chuffed when, if I have cause to phone a 'manager' of anywhere, for any reason, I announce myself as Mrs 'X' and I can almost hear the blood draining from their rosy little cheeks! They know I'm not going down without a fight!!!
When you send anyone in authority an email, do you always make sure to carbon copy yourself, and in this case, perhaps other residents? It ensures that the 'manager' knows you're keeping records of your dealings with them!
Good luck with the lighting situation! X

Donna said...

I think I'd find out who Her boss was...maybe they need to know of her incompetence.

Annabeth said...

Dear Sue, I've been a lurker for some time now and enjoy reading your blog. The way I got round the massive problem of my husband absolutely refusing to consult his GP about his memory issues I eventually spoke to the GP and he invited my husband for a general check-up/MOT, which was overdue anyway. Husband agreed and the appointment was followed up by involvement of the Memory Clinic where he had the memory test and was subsequently diagnosed with Alzheimers. GP respected my wish that I did not want my husband to know that it was me that spoke to the GP in the first place.
Hope the lighting will be sorted very soon!

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