Monday 19 February 2024

Part three

I brought Beano home for a couple of hours, he slept mostly.

He still hasn't eaten anything but is drinking water.

Took him back at 3:30 when He was given more pain relief and allowed home for the night, he has to go back tomorrow morning at 9:30.

Received an email saying that the pet insurance company don't want to pay up, now there's a surprise!

I've paid £130 a month for 6 years, what a con!

Steve got a cob on and has announced that he is going out Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. He obviously doesn't want me going out with Betty.


50 and counting said...

Good vibes to the furry one!

Anonymous said...

Did the vet say what is wrong with Beano ? I would email the insurance company and tell them you want all your money back because if they're not going to pay out then what have you been paying for exactly ? They've taken money under false pretences! Tell them you'll go to the papers, drag them on social media platforms & you'll sue, that will perk them up quick smart . big hugs to you and Beano love Carrie x

JacquieB said...

£130 a month!?! For all those years!! And now they won't cover whatever is wrong. What on earth has happened. Poor Beano and poor you.
Never mind the other'problems'. This needs sorting and fast. I do hope someone, perhaps your daughtereply,can help. Just wish I could.
Jacquie x

Anonymous said...

So sorry Beano is ill.
I hope they figured out what's wrong.
I swear all insurance is a rip off.
I'd definitely call and tell them you will call the media. They love stories like that.
As far as that nasty man is concerned be happy he's going out . Tell him to keep going!
At least you'll have a few hours of peace honey.
Keep us updated on Beano.

keth said...

130 quid a month sounds extortionate. To put it into perspective, I have an assistance dog who has to have an extra high level of insurance because as an assistance dog she LEGALLY has the right to go anywhere with me except a commercial kitchen and an operating theatre. The insurance we pay is 31 a month. I'm just wondering if the 130 a month is a typo because I honestly cannot see how lovely Beano can generate such risk!

[very glad he's back home and on the mend though. And I really hope you enjoy the peace and quiet while Steve is out!]

Rambler said...

I wonder if Beano has been given some of Steve's horrible fried rubbish; that would definitely cause problems in his digestive system. Sorry if I come across as cynical - but as Steve is not capable of making sensible decisions, he may have thought 'treating' Beano might make the dog love him instead of you. I hope he recovers soon - and that the insurance company reconsiders and pays out.

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