Friday, 23 December 2016

A Jesus ornament

My 5yo DGD Eileen suddenly asked me yesterday if I had a Jesus ornament.

Well as a pagan the answer would be no, but I did ask her why she wanted one.

She explained that Christmas was actually about Jesus not presents so she needed a Jesus ornament.

I've had some interesting discussions with the grandchildren when the topic of religion comes up.

I explain that people have lots of different beliefs and that everyone is entitled to believe what they wish.

As Eileen is only 5 I told her that whilst I didn't have a Jesus ornament, I had received a card with a nativity picture on it and that she could have that.

One happy and satisfied little girl went home clutching her Jesus picture.


Anonymous said...

Lovely response for your grandaughter-you are so thoughtful in the things you do with them all. Catriona

Sharon said...

That's a really good explanation and how we've explained it to our kids. We've always celebrated it more as a family get-together and appreciating one another more than a religious holiday. We've got a bit of everything in our family Pagan, Christian and Atheist. Thankfully we all get along.

Lesley UK said...

I'm a Pagan too, but I do believe in Angels, so I have plenty of them around for my grand (and great) grand kids. Blessed Be


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