Saturday, 17 December 2016

Busy day

After I dropped the DGD's home I set to and sorted out upstairs, the bathroom took ages but is extra clean as a large bottle of shower gel split and spilt all over the place, it took a lot of clearing up.

The toys are back in the toy box, the floors dusted and mopped, surfaces wiped over and my L&M's clothes hung up in the wardrobe. The washing machine has been on most of the day and the washing hung under cover in the garden.

A brief interruption by a work colleague, to tell me that he is having money problems, his wife spent £350 on black Friday deals. She then couldn't pay her share of the bills, so he had to pay all of them, they now have no money for Christmas and lots of people for Christmas lunch.

I told them about the latest Co-op food deal, stuffed turkey breast, roast potatoes, parsnips, Yorkshire puds, sprouts and extra large Viennetta all for £10. Not the M&S food his wife wants, but a good deal all the same.

We are visiting friends for a meal this evening, so I've had a Nana nap, we'll take a bottle of wine with us as I was given one at work yesterday.

I'll clean the downstairs tomorrow morning and then spend the afternoon wrapping presents

I've just seen another colleague boasting on FB that she has spent £400 on Paw Patrol toys for her 2 year old grandson. Her son, daughter in law & grandchild live in a one bed flat, gawd knows where they will find to keep all those toys.

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