Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Kill me now

A few weeks ago my beloved bought himself a Go-pro type camera, he's wanted one for a while so he could attach it to the car so he can critique my driving when he isn't in the car with me.

He has been told that if he fits it to the car I will remove it and shove it where the sun don't shine!

Once he got the camera he discovered that it won't work with his very old pc, it will however work with my newer laptop.

Unfortunately I don't use a mouse with my laptop I use a touch pad, which my L&M can't get to grips with.

My SIL had a spare laptop that he has passed on to my L&M, it has Windows 10 which is what works with the camera.

This evening has been spent trying to explain to my L&M about Windows 10, he doesn't like it but will have to master it if he want's to play with his camera.

He cannot access any of his emails as he cannot remember the passwords.

Eventually he was ready to set up the camera software on to the lap top, only he cannot remember his user name or his passwords.

All of the above is, of course, my fault, so as I said, kill me now!


Sharon said...

Lol poor L&M. I would be like you - wouldn't want that thing attached to my car. Hate Windows 10 but I'm learning to live with it. My hubby couldn't remember his passwords either. Maybe it's a 'man thing'?

justjill said...

Best laugh all day Have to say if anyone nicks my diary its all in there, passwords for everything. Dont tell anyone

Sue in Suffolk said...

I've avoided Windows 10 so far, don't know if it's forever avoidable?

Hope he gets things to work but not the camera in the car!

bjn said...

Oh my it seems my husband has been cloned and relocated!

Hard up Hester said...

I did the opposite jumped in with both feet as soon as possible. That way I'm now comfortable with it.

galant said...

Oh, you do make me laugh! You should be a comedy script writer!
I have Windows 10. It was just a little different from Windows 7 that I previously had, but I've had no probs with it (now watch it go t*ts-up!)
Margaret P

dunhamlass said...

got one like that ! his geriatric phone died, first replacement was exactly the same but a different make, didn't like, couldn't use so phone 2 which is the same model arrives, He now says it doesn't work like the old one and has a hissy fit!! Of course its my fault!! Its a good job he's my husband cos someone would commit murder.

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