Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Sodding phone calls

I have been inundated with phone calls and text messages today, harassed and harangued from all directions.

I've had four phone calls from my old bank, they have suddenly realised that my salary is no longer going into my account. I did tell them I wanted to close the account but it seems I can only close the account on the 32nd day of a month with an X in it!
So I cancelled all the SO's and DD's and left £10 in the account for two weeks, just in case.

I've had two phone calls and three text messages from Sky, asking me to come back to them.

I've also had two text messages from the local surgery reminding me that my L&M has an appointment tomorrow.

This evening I had a PPI call and finally, last but not least a call from an Indian call centre to tell me that my phone and broadband service would be cut off within the next few days. When I enquired why I was informed that it was because my computer was infected with a virus that was contacting other computers and causing problems for my neighbours.

I love these calls, in a quavering voice, I asked the young lady to repeat herself three times and then told her that I didn't own a computer. She then carefully explained that it must be my laptop that was causing the problem, again, in a quavering voice, I asked her to repeat her explanation three times. I then told her that I didn't have a laptop either. I won't repeat what she called me, I assume it is an Indian endearment that means endearing old lady!


Christine said...

I like your style.

Margie from Toronto said...

Too funny! I was getting the Indian Call Centre calls about my computer being infected with a virus and how they would walk me through the steps. Lost track of the times they called and I hung up - knowing it was a scam. Finally, one day I decided to play along - did the little old lady who knows nothing about technology bit - asked them to repeat and to explain each step at least 3 times - kept asking questions and so on - when I finally got bored and asked him how many people actually fall for this scam he started screaming and swearing at me - I just laughed and slammed the phone down - they haven't called back since!

Winters End Rambler said...'s good to be popular! x

Sue in Suffolk said...

We've started to do the "old person" voice saying - Sorry dear can't hear you, no still can't hear you -
They hang up then

Linda Metcalf said...

That's exactly what I tell them...that I don't have a computer. I do but what the hey....haven't had any calls for a while now.

Lyssa Medana said...

Bear loves to laugh in the background when I assure the caller that I can't go on the computer as my husband won't let me - all the while browsing the web! x

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I've lost patience with this type of telephone call and usually just put the receiver down. They haven't rung back for a while now. Couldn't understand what they were saying anyway.

Joan (Wales)

galant said...

And we thought computers, laptops and such things would make life easier ... how misinformed we all were!
Margaret P

Joyful said...

The way you handle the harassing crank calls from India is too funny and brilliant! I don't get phone calls like that but then again I have call display on my phone and never answer calls from unknown numbers. These cranks never leave a message.


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