Wednesday, 28 December 2016

We finally went shopping

Oh shame on me, after all my insulting comments about people who rush to the shops to visit the sales we succumbed, we went shopping.

We went to the DIY shop to buy a pushfit plumbing connector.

Today we are shopping again, I'm going to the bakers to buy some fresh rolls as DS & his GF are coming for lunch.


Sue in Suffolk said...

Hope your plumbing connection was on sale half price!

cumbrian said...

Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Wild and crazy!

TrishWish said...

Its Wednesday did you take someone over 60 to get the discount? Friends of ours always borrow the elderly neighbour on Weds to cash in!

mother noah said...

My partner bought a loaf of bread on his way home from work ,I haven't been shopping since the 22nd when I bought veggies for Christmas dinner . My opinion of sales is that if I didn't want it full price I still won't want it now .

Hard up Hester said...

Sorry Sue, we paid full price, I think it was £3.99
Cumbrain, I know terrible isn't it.
We really know how to live, don't we Joyce!
Trish, we are both over 60, we don't need to take anyone with us.
I bought bear as well, and that's is for a week at least.

Sharon said...

Okay I don't feel so bad now lol. Actually didn't shop today. Took a ride to the very windy, chilly lakeshore. Too much ice to walk along to lighthouse but it was pretty!


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