Friday, 2 December 2016

Step one

It's 2:30 and I can't sleep, I had hoped to sleep better once the mortgage was sorted but it appears not.

Still, step one has been accomplished the old mortgage has been paid off with the new one. This reduces our mortgage repayments from almost £800  a month down to £250 a month. This gives us a little bit of wriggle room whilst we plan our next step.

All the Christmas presents have been ordered, those that have arrived have been hidden. One of the dgs's has a birthday before Christmas. His present has also been bought.

We have our 12 yo dgs here tonight, Saturday we have 4 dgc's staying from about 5ish overnight until lunchtime Sunday, I'm not expecting to get much sleep! I have meals and entertainment planned, it's not as posh as it sounds. There is enough in the cupboards and freezer to cater for everybody's tastes and as for entertainment, I've spent the last week collecting paper offcuts from the guillotine and I have some glue sticks, we will be making paperchains ready for Christmas. We will make some biscuits too and ice them, very messy but great fun.

A friend recently lost his mother, a blessed relief I feel as she spent the last few years confused, aggressive and confined to bed, dementia is a bastard of a disease.
My friend who was diagnosed with lung cancer seems to have come through surgery and is on the mend.

And now I will go and make a cuppa, then maybe I can sleep.


Anonymous said...

I sometimes have those nights too and it leaves me shattered. Look on Tracing Rainbows blog to see the decorations she is making for her Christmas event. The wee hat devorations are fabulous for using up yarn although Ibwouldn't use toilet rolls but scrap card from cereal boxes. Happy weekend with all your grandchildren. Catriona

Linda Metcalf said...

Where do you get all the energy? Love making and doing with my grands and great grands but it can leave me shattered :)

Fishcake_random said...

Sounds like the coffee will be calling you by mid afternoon. Your grandbabies are blessed to have you.
x x

Andie said...

Which authority said that you were not as supportive as you might be? !!!!! I suggest that whoever said that about you spent a whole day, that should cure them. Have a lovely time and save me a bun. Love Andie xxx

markdebby said...

You work very long hours. Do you always start work so early?
Are you now able to stay in your own home? I don't think you would get anywhere else at that price. I hope it all works out for you as you do deserve it. Sylvia

Sharon said...

I'm so glad your friend came through the surgery. It's not wonder with all what's on your mind that you're not sleeping. I usually don't have any trouble sleeping but when Mum was ill with cancer would wake up suddenly and not be able to sleep because all sorts of thoughts were running through my mind.

That lower payment on your mortgage sounds great! That's quite a jump. I hope it will help. Hopefully things will be a little easier.

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