Sunday, 11 December 2016

He's behind you.

I spent an entertaining afternoon watching a local AMDRAM pantomime, 'Dr Who Saves Christmas' 5yo DGD loved it, 8yo DGD was the funniest part of the show and she was in the audience not on stage.

Cynical? Much? She had me in fits. It was like watching the show with a stroppy teen.

I always told my children that Santa fills the stocking and all other gifts are bought by someone, this helps by limiting children's expectations.

I know people who have got into a lot of debt trying to provide everything their child asked Santa for.

My daughters have told their children the same thing, so when the pantomime villain 'The Destroyer' announced that he would kidnap Father Christmas so children would not Christmas presents this year Norah was singularly unimpressed.

Whilst all the children in the audience were booing the Destroyer enthusiastically, Norah sat there calmly explaining that kidnapping Santa merely meant there would be no stockings, the presents would still arrive!


justjill said...

Love it ! Made me laugh..

Sharon said...

Lol so funny!

We did stockings and presents the same way too. Just the way my Mum did too.

Lyssa Medana said...

This made me lol!

I have explained to bear that we have to pay for the presents that Santa brings. You need to keep sanity somehow, and I think your way is great. x


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