Monday, 2 December 2019

Jumble sale and other exciting things

We weren't actually allowed to apply for PIP, we were told to apply for ESA.

I agree about Steve's anxiety meds, I'd rather they were increased. I don't want to take stuff myself just because the Dr thinks Steve should be ok.

On Saturday I helped at a local jumble sale, it got me out for a couple of hours and I got a few bargains, some wool for dgd,  a brand new pair of sleep shorts with storm troopers on for SIL, a smart Next jacket for DD2 and a wooly hat for me, I have a few but more are always useful.

The windows on the boat had ice on the inside this morning as it was so cold, Steve's put an extra heater on today to keep the temperature up.

Today I went to buy some bedding for DD2's children, I bought them a teddy throw each, they can use them as an extra layer at bedtime or wrap themselves up in them when watching TV. I also bought a duvet cover and fitted sheets so they all now have new bedding as I bought some as birthday presents.

I wanted a new kettle as the handle on mine is broken but I couldn't find the sort I wanted so I've ordered one online.

I did buy myself 2 pairs of leggings, some socks, some gloves and a pair of Christmas earrings.


Frugal in Essex said...

I glad you've got out and about. It sounds like you got some great bargains. It has been chilly, I know when I look at my smart meter irst thing, how hard the boiler has had to work to bring the bungalow up to temperature in the mornings.

Pat said...

That's good you were able to get out on Saturday and today. Lots of good stuff bought too.
Keep cosy.

Chris said...

Sounds like you are getting the Christmas spirit. Hope it lasts all through the month.

Unknown said...

You are allowed to apply for PIPit is a totally separate benefit. I get ESA and PIP kind regards Molly x

JanF said...

Glad to hear you had a better day today, great bargains and all useful items too!

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